Swing Bed

The “Swing Bed” is a concept developed by Medicare in the 1970’s to fill underutilized hospital beds and due to the lack of nursing home beds in rural areas.  These two issues have resolved themselves over time, partly due to the conversion of most rural hospitals to Critical Access Hospitals like Ellett Memorial Hospital.  Swing Bed is used when a patient is in need of continued care but no longer qualifies for acute status.  The term “Swing Bed” does not mean a swinging bed but rather changes the way Medicare reimburses for the care provided to the patient.  A patient being treated for an acute condition can remain in the hospital for follow-up care rather than be discharged to home when they are not quite ready.

Medicare Part A pays for this service at 100% for days 1-20 as long as the patient continues to make progress.  A co-payment of $161.00 per day will be due starting on the 21st day and continue through day 100 of your Swing Bed stay.  After 100 continuous days in the Swing Bed program Medicare no longer provides coverage and charges then become the full responsibility of the patient.  The benefit period will start over if the patient has been out of the hospital for 60 consecutive days.  Most secondary insurance will cover the co-insurance amount.  Swing Bed patients are encouraged to verify secondary coverage if stay is longer than 20 days.  Patients may be discharged before 20 days if skilled criteria end.

To qualify for the Swing Bed program you must have been in a hospital on ACUTE care for 3 consecutive midnights. 

Ellett Memorial Hospital is a Critical Access Hospital and provides swing bed services to patients in need of extended care for wound care and rehabilitation services such as Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies, IV Therapy, and Respiratory Therapy.

If you are interested in Ellett Memorial’s Swing Bed Program have your discharge planner or social worker contact Kim Raybourn or Julie Grubb at 660.476.2111.  Kim or Julie will make a request from the facility that you will be transferring from.  They will coordinate with the receiving physician and nursing supervisor to determine if Ellett Memorial Hospital can provide the services needed to prepare you for your discharge.

All Swing Bed patients are encouraged to participate in your plan care.  Family members involved in the patient care are also encouraged to attend weekly Swing Bed meetings with the patient, physician, and nurse to discuss the patient’s stay.